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Guide Right is a program for the educational and occupational guidance of youth, primarily inspirational and informational in character. Its reach extends to high schools and colleges alike. Conceived in 1922 by Leon W. Stewart, and suggested at the twelfth Grand Chapter Conclave, Guide Right became the Fraternity’s National Service Program. Two of the many programs that fall under the umbrella of Guide Right are the Kappa League and the Student of the Year Pageant. All volunteers are welcome to participate in any of our projects, at any level of participation.  Donations are always appreciated.

Guide Right


The Kappa League program will engage all stakeholders: Kappa Leaguers, Parents, and Brothers in relevant and meaningful ways, including quality programming. 


We will use a 3-tiered approach to structure our programs and allow for multiple opportunities for engagement.

  • Tier 1 programs and activities will be community building activities and social action for all to be engaged
  • Tier 2 programs and activities will be specialty groups: debate, music, media, literature, etc. Tier 2 is about giving those involved a choice
  • Tier 3 programs will be our mentoring program. Every Kappa Leaguer will be engaged in group mentoring (Ratio 1:4).

Kappa League Vision

To develop and nurture leadership skills that will have positive impact in the lives of young men who participates. Our goal is to support young men in becoming leaders in the communities in which they serve.

We will utilize a 3 tiered approach to foster the seven-phases of Kappa League:

  • Self Identity/Purpose.
  • Training.
  • Competition.
  • Social.
  • Health Education.
  • Economic Empowerment & Education.
  • College & Career.

Membership Application

You can fill out a 2024-2025 Kappa League Program Membership application by visiting Membership Application or you can visit the FORMS section of the Resources tab. (not sure if this exist) To learn more about the Kappa League Program, please free to visit our National Kappa League website at