Reclamation Form

Brother in the Bond,

Greetings on behalf of the New Rochelle-White Plains Alumni Chapter. We know how challenging it is to maintain balance with all that is going on. Life happens and therefore, please don’t be discouraged from coming home because we’d love to have you here with us. For those of us who are retired and are still inspired; we cherish the opportunity to have you be a part of the bond. We’re about education, dedication, and of course sophistication – Keepin’ it real.

Dues are a necessary part but our bond is everlasting. Wherever you are in your life, you are needed. Your contribution to our noble kinship is important and we look forward to seeing you very soon. We miss you and we’re always excited to see you return home to Kappa.

Yours In The Bond,


Bro. Graves AI’52 Reclamation Chair

For more information, including the fees associated with Reclamation, please click here visit the Grand Chapter Reclamation page.

You can also download our reclamation form under the resources tab email the form to our address provided below.