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Kappa League was designed to help young men grow, receive, and develop their leadership talents in every phase of human endeavor. As a fraternity, we sought to help these young men to achieve worthy goals for themselves and make constructive contributions to their community when leadership roles become the responsibility.

Why Kappa League?

  1. To develop and nurture young men
  2. To defy the narrative
  3. To foster character development
  4. To surpass their limitations
  5. To be leaders of impact within their community


Our goal is to train and produce more achieving young minority men that will become leaders of impact and influence in today’s society. In addition, we want to help these young men succeed in life by giving them a set of skills that aren’t otherwise available to them.


We want to support our goals by placing emphasis on personal development, academic achievement, along with college and career preparation. By leveraging the “five-phases” of Kappa League we seek to develop better-rounded young minority men who will be better prepared for their future endeavors.

Membership Application

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Kappa League Presentation

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